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5 Tips for creating a profitable Facebook Ads

5 Tips for creating a profitable Facebook Ads

Can Facebook ads be profitable?

The short answer is yes.


Well, that is what we will find out.

Some might tell you that Facebook ads are just a numbers game. The more ads you can ship, the better results you will get.

And to a large extent, it's true.

The social feed dynamics are at a high pace, and consumers demand new and exciting content for seconds of their attention.

If you, as an advertiser, know how to give it to them, you can find great success in Facebook ads.

We have seen it in front of our eyes and felt it at the tip of our fingernails.

Here are our 5 tips and hot takes on how to make Facebook ads profitable in 2023 and beyond.

1. Facebook retargeting still works.

Facebook retargeting allows you to show ads to people based on their previous interactions with your brand, such as visiting your website or adding items to their cart.


This enables you to create highly targeted campaigns and messaging more likely to resonate with your audience.

Yet, some marketers are shy, either not running any remarketing ads or running them very little.

When we need more revenue, remarketing is where we look for a quick, safe win.

You might be a thing, guys, but what about IOS 14? It is a pain, a big one for some!

But that does not mark the end of remarketing.

You can still use the audience, and it still performs remarkably well. If anything, you should work on your remarketing as much as possible before it disappears. But, you know, sadly, all good things must come to an end, and remarketing is heading that way.

2. Ad Creative is your most valuable asset.

Creative - images, videos, slideshows, and GIFs are assets you own and have the most control over. They are also a part of advertising that is most associated with performance.

And that's not only coming from us but from Meta-Facebook themselves.

It is simple - the better the ad creative, the better the results.

Research from Confect.io suggests that top-performing advertisers create 51% more new content per month than mid and bottom-range performers. In addition, there is a clear correlation with their higher performance across all types of campaigns."

meta ads 2023 best practices

Yet your creative has to stand out, be relevant, and you cant relay one one-time wonder.

Good creatives have to be shipped out consistently - and tested.

And that brings us to our next tip:

3. A/B test creatives

Some creatives work well, some don't, and then there are the bangers that can rescue the whole show - some might refer to them as unicorn ads.

Do you want to find that next miracle unicorn ad that will ace performance for your ad campaign? It happens, but is it luck? No.

Everyone can do it. And if you want to find great ads consistently, you will need to publish and test a whole lot of crappy ads first. You will need a good system or help to to get it rolling..

It's rumored that only 15% of ads are actually good.

You can test different angles of the problems and benefits your product brings.

You can test different formats and types.

You can test elements in the ad and your message.

In short, there is something to test for everyone.

Having a strong creative testing model that is scalable is the challenge here.

If it's a struggle for you, reach out to us, and we will help you.

4. UGC - The holly savior

It's the new cool kid on the block. UGC Content performs exceptionally well on paid social, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, snap chat ads, you name it.

Okay, what the hell is UGC - User Generate Content?

Let me explain.

It's content made by the user. Not the brand themselves nor their agency makes it. But the actual user, a real person, showcases the product from their perspective. A

nd this makes the output content authentic and relatable to other potential buyers.

Perfect for ads!

Here’s few examples:

From a brand's perspective, it's great it's a type of content that is nearly impossible to make with a professional marketing team.

And the UGC content is way cheaper for brands- in most cases.

5. Don't be scared to kill your ads.

Ads performance has a life span, and it's pretty short.

Think that: the newer and fresher they are, the better they will perform.

It is commonly referred to as ad fatigue - If the same eyeballs see the same ad repeatedly. Eventually, they get blind to it.

And that can happen rather quickly; we are talking just a few weeks for most cases.

According to data, on average, in just 2 weeks, ads have lost 20% of their original performance. And in 5 weeks the performance dropped 40 % below starting point.

In fact, 5 weeks on average is the point where top-performing advertisers on Facebook swap out their ads.

If it does not work, kill it. Bring in new creative or allocate your budget to another campaign.

Do not cut corners on Content

Whether you produce it in-house or have influencers make it, content is king. It’s one thing that you have control over, no matter what. Your customers will love it. The Facebook algorithm will love it! Your challenge lies in production. And making it unique and enagaging!

Can you do it, or should you search for help? EcomHub.agency is here for you.

Author: Gints Gailis
Head of Growth @Confect.io

About the author:

Gints is a well-seasoned marketing professional helping e-commerce brands increase their revenue with paid advertising by focusing their efforts on producing relevant content at scale.

Posted on March 26 2023